Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Loud and clear

Nancy Pelosi You've heard, of course, about Nancy Pelosi's misrepresentation of Catholic teaching. Ho hum, no news here. Just another pro-abort "Catholic" Democrat pretending to be in good standing with the Church.

But - thanks and glory be to God - this time was different. This time, the pro-abort "Catholic" didn't get away with it. Not only did a reliable shepherd like Archbishop Charles J. Chaput respond swiftly and clearly, but so did a number of other bishops, most notably Washington Archbishop Donald W. Wuerl. In fact, several Catholic House Republicans joined in, actually writing an open letter to Pelosi and demanding a correction. (As far as I know, she has yet to admit any error.)

Folks, do you realize what a watershed answer to prayer this may represent? A well-known figure publicly proclaims that Catholics may be pro-abortion, and Catholic leaders publicly refute the lie. Loud and clear.

I like loud and clear.

Let's have more loud and clear.

I hope it's not unrealistic for us to pray thus: May this be the beginning of a stronger Church, Lord. Rouse the sleeping giant, and purify Your Bride, our Church. Rouse all Your people, especially those whom You have appointed to be our shepherds, to speak the truth loudly, clearly, and with manly courage. For Your greater glory and honor, and for our salvation. Amen.


Elizabeth said...

Our Bishops are showing the way. Let's hope that our parish priests will follow suit and pray for the gift of fortitude.

Michelle said...

Michael Brown reports that six Bishops have engaged in this battle. This country is in a dire crisis. And we need our Shepherds to show us the way out of the darkness. I mean really, it's about time....we need more courageous Bishops like Chaput.

Jerry said...

In the intercessions for tonight's Evening Prayer, the Church gives us this prayer:

We pray for N., our Pope, and N., our bishop,
- protect them and in your goodness make them holy.