Friday, November 4, 2016

Leap Second December 31 2016

El vigésimo septimo segundo intercalar se aplicará entre 11:59:59 pm UTC el 31 de diciembre de 2016, y 12:00:00 (medianoche) UTC del 1 de enero 2017. El segundo intercalar se aplica en todo el mundo al mismo tiempo. Así que si usted vive, por ejemplo, en CentroAmerica y tiene un reloj UTC, el reloj debe ir de 17:59:59 a 17:59:60 (el extra segundo) y luego a 18:00:00.

Estoy feliz de informarles de que mi página en linea de Calculadoras de Segundos maneja bien los segundos intercalares, incluido el inminente.

The 27th leap second is scheduled to be applied between 11:59:59 pm UTC on December 31 2016, and 12:00:00 (midnight) UTC of January 1 2017. The leap second is applied worldwide simultaneously. So if you live, for example, in the Central time zone of the U.S. and have a UTC clock, your clock should go from 17:59:59 to 17:59:60 (the extra second) and then to 18:00:00.

I am happy to report that my online Seconds Calculators page handles leap seconds, including the imminent one.

(Of course, all this is assuming the Apocalypse doesn't occur in the meantime.)

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Cubs Win the World Series. It was always a standing joke amongst die-hard Cub fans that were it ever to actually happen, the end of the world could not be far away. A joke. Seriously, a jest, all in fun.

Or - - perhaps the prophetic post of 2012 was merely 4 years ahead of its time. Vamos a ver.