Sunday, May 10, 2009

Victory in New Brunswick

Five months ago, I reported on an important legal case in Canada, but have now been dilatory in relaying the latest development. On April 29, David Little appeared before the New Brunswick Court of Appeal (roughly equivalent to a State Supreme Court in the U.S.) for the latest chapter in his legal case to establish that tax-funded abortion violates one's right of conscience and therefore one's freedom of religion. This is an important case, with potential to set legal precedent in Canada and elsewhere.

The three-judge panel decided, against the Crown's objections, to grant Little's leave to appeal, and to reserve judgment until all pertinent information has been reviewed. Regardless of their final verdict, it will likely be appealed to the Canadian Supreme Court, probably this fall. This is good news, an answer to ardent prayer, but it's not final. Please keep this intention in your prayers.

For more details, read David's own summary account here, or click on the photo.

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