Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Repentance, a sweet deal

Here it is, Ash Wednesday, and the Church is calling me to repent of my sins again. What a bummer! I mean, I thought I'd done that repentance thing already - what's the deal, anyway? . . . Well - - OK - I've been sinning again, that's the deal. Truth is, I never really stopped. Maybe slowed down a couple times, that's all.

Speaking of deals, repentance is a pretty sweet offer, when you think of it. Sin, even the major ones, need not keep us from God nor from eternal life. Just agree with God that sin is evil, ask forgiveness, and purpose to do better, with God's grace. That's repentance.

Jesus died so we could have such a deal. That is to say, the cross is the remedy for sin. Taking on our sins was Jesus' part; belief and repentance is our part of the deal. But there is no remedy for making excuses, for rationalizing and justifying our sinful ways. Just repent - agree with God that sin is wrong. To refuse to do so is to refuse the sweet deal, and to remain trapped in the deadly pit our sins have dug us into.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog and nice post sir!!!
I always go to confession once a week becoz i feel guilty of many sins eventhough they are little . But my point is i feel a kind of freedom when i do this always...

Jerry said...

Thank you, Flora, for your kind words and insights.

The sense of guilt and the need for confession and forgiveness is, I believe, a good sign regarding one's inward spirit. I understand that Mother Teresa went to confession every day.

I followed the link to your blog, and find it lovely and interesting. But no comments allowed, and no email address supplied for you. I am interested in hearing more from a Filipino perspective. So, if you come back this way, and see this response to your comment, please drop me an email (, or just leave another comment.