Friday, June 8, 2007

Something for everyone

I have been quoted. No kidding. Little ol' corn-pone, backwoods hick Dogpatch of the North Jerry DePyper has been quoted on the Internet. Not once, but twice!

The first quote was no real surprise. Matt C. Abbott is a young Catholic writer (a good one), and I had e-corresponded a bit already with him in connection with issues detailed in the Roundtable post below. Matt has reproduced that first letter from Lenore and me to the Catholic Herald in an article on the RenewAmerica website. (Scroll about 1/3 down to see our letter referenced.) This is a website of Alan Keyes, and it's an honor for us to be included therein.

The other source is a bit more interesting. A site called "The Picket Line" advocates, among other things, tax resistance as one of its focal topics. In that vein, Dave Gross, quoting from my Strike Three! post below, identified me in his 30 May 2007 article as a rare "right-wing counterpart to left-wing war tax resisters". Again, I am honored, and I heartily accept the moniker.

Now, Alan Keyes and left-wing tax resisters may not represent extreme opposite poles. In fact, in an interestingly radical manner, they have much in common. But I think it's fair to claim that these two groups span a pretty wide ideological range, wouldn't you say? To be mentioned in a favorable light in two such diverse forums is gratifying indeed. Such broad appeal is seldom attained by even the big household names.

Maybe I should run for President.

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