Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Are you one of those bloggers who likes to jump randomly from blog to blog? You're not? O. . . well, Ok then, never mind.

But now that I've started this blog article, I'd better at least finish my thought. And my thought is that, maybe after a long dry spell without hardly writing anything in my Blogspot blog, perhaps I'd try something completely different. Like writing my own blog.

No, I don't mean switching to a Wordpress blog or some other platform. I mean to build my own blog platform - server database tables, webpage layouts, blog scripts, debugging, re-thinking, re-designing - the whole nine yards.

So, if you do happen to be in the mood for something different, why not jump over to my new blog? There's even a sister blog in Spanish, based upon the same home-grown software. You can give me advice and criticism as I feel my way through the early software development cycle.

Next step will be to decide what to blog about. Maybe you can help with that decision as well.

By the way - can anyone tell me why it's 'nine yards' ?