Thursday, January 17, 2008

WI legislative alert

This post pertains only to Pro-Life Wisconsin residents. It has to do with two issues that our state legislators are dealing with in the next few days. (Note to residents of NW WI: Assemblyman Frank Boyle and Senator Bob Jauch are both listed as co-sponsors of both death-promoting measures.)

A.B. 377

Euphemistically called the "Compassionate Care for Rape Victims" (CCRV), AB 377 mandates that all providers of emergency care must dispense the chemically abortifacient 'morning after' pill to any woman who presents herself as a victim of rape. Tyrannically, no provision is made for Catholic or other hospitals to refrain for reasons of morality or conscience, and severe penalties are assessed against non-compliant providers.

This bill has already passed both houses. Due to amendments, both houses must vote on the reworded version. The assembly has scheduled their vote for Wed. Jan 23, 2008, after which (if passed) it will move to the Senate.

The full text can be read here (text) or here (pdf).

S.B. 151

SB 151 is an attempt to make Wisconsin the second state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. In similar tyrannical fashion, doctors who do not want to kill their suicidal patient are required, under severe penalties, to refer the patient to someone else who will perform the murder. What kind of 'conscience clause' is that?

This bill is just now being reintroduced, and is in committee hearings. A public hearing will be held at 10:00 am on Wed. Jan 23, in Room 411 South in the Wisconsin State Capitol. The following are the committee members:

Senator Phone Email
Tim Carpenter (D) Chair 800-249-8173
Spencer Coggs (D) Co-chair 877-474-2000
Pat Kreitlow (D) 888-437-9436
Dale Schultz (R) 800-978-8008
Robert Cowles (R) 800-334-1465

The full text can be read here (text) or here (pdf).


More about this and other current events can be learned at the Crosstalk site, or on the VCY Crosstalk radio program.

The two local (Superior area) legislators are:

Legislator Phone Email
Senator Bob Jauch (D) 800-469-6562
Representative Frank Boyle (D) 888-534-0073

Other legislators may be contacted by calling the state legislative switchboard at 800-362-9472. Even if you do not know your legislators' names, they should be able to tell you and give you contact information.

You may also navigate the Wisconsin State Legislature site to find out contact information. To find out who represents you in the Wisconsin state legislature, go to this "Who Are My Legislators?" page. If you know your legislators' names, go to the Senators' Home Page and Representatives' Home Page and click on the person's name to find out their phone, email, etc.

Let's make some noise!

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