Monday, December 25, 2006

Hold the ketchup

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us

I have a confession to make: Sometimes i subconsciously get weary of the simple, ancient tenets of our faith, and welcome fresh ideas, new ways of looking at things, a different 'slant'. As if the Truth needed embellishment! Well, this is kinda like putting ketchup on chile. The simple truths of our faith are absolutely mind-boggling - if i dare to look at them, that is. When i fail to look at them straight on, or try to explain them away, or water them down (or drown them in ketchup), they do indeed become insipid. Taken as they are, well, they may be too hot for my tastes, but they are in no way boring or tasteless.

Let's just take one example: The God of our faith - the same God who sprinkled the galaxies around like so many grains of sand, and who personally created each atom in every molecule in every speck of dust under my bed (and that's alot of specks) - the Almighty, the Eternal, the Infinite - that this God chose to have a human Mother! Well, this would be too absurd to speak about, an immensely laughable concept, a preposterous idea of monstrous proportions - - if it were not undeniably true.

See what i mean?

So, hold the ketchup. No embellishment needed for this bowl of chile. Just give me the grace, Lord, to begin to appreciate the unvarnished Truth as revealed in Scripture and taught by Holy Mother Church. That's all i need, thank you.

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