Monday, May 7, 2012

Hickies, a novella

As long as I'm writing reviews on unrecommended reading here's a newly released title by a little-known author (but whose name you may recognize).

Hickies is a novella-length story set in the near future. It doesn't try to be futuristic in a sci-fi manner, but rather uses a futuristic theme - the dispersion of human clones within our society - as the context for grappling with some questions of a psychological, sociological, and moral nature. The questions themselves are not futuristic nor theoretical, but impinge strongly upon the human condition, and upon the current state of our world, and so are well worth the grappling. Whether Hickies does an adequate job of such grappling is yet another question worth asking. I personally think it does so in a clumsy and amateurish way, but in this case I may be incapable of honest and objective judgment.

In the same volume are four additional short stories. They are all works of fiction, and all by the same amateur author, but otherwise are not connected in ant logical or literary manner.

My best advice is to give the book a try. What the heck, it's only 13 bucks, and you might find it worth reading. Of course, all comments, both favorable and otherwise, are welcome through the comment link below.

If you are inclined to risk a little money on such an unknown work, may I suggest that you do so through its CreateSpace page. A royalty of $7.50 will be paid to a well-known (but anonymous, in this case) pro-life organization for each book ordered directly through this CreateSpace page. It is, or will soon be, also available through and other venues, but with a much smaller royalty payment to the pro-life organization.

Note: As of Sept. 5, 2012, I now offer a price cut for direct CreateSpace purchases coming from this blog article. Go to the CreateSpace page, and enter discount code XD6K2ZBP for a $3.00 discount off each copy of Hickies that you order there. (This will result in a proportionately reduced royalty paid to the pro-life organization.)