Monday, July 9, 2012


The following is not my invention, but an observation made by a fellow believer three years ago, which struck me then as it still does, as prophetic.

Why hasn't God judged America?

If this seems a strange question to you; if you do not see how sorely America deserves God's judgment, then read no further; you are clueless. But if you have asked this question yourself, consider the following:

God has not yet judged America because of the promise made in Gen.12:3. When the Almighty called Abram to become the father of faith, he said, "I will bless those who bless thee, and I will curse those who curse thee." This promise was transmitted to Abraham and also to his offspring - but only to the offspring of the promise, to Isaac, Jacob, and to the chosen race, the Jewish people. As Jesus said in Jn.4:22, "...salvation is from the Jews", and as Pope Pius XI affirmed, "We are all spiritual semites."

It is a fact of history that those nations, kingdoms, and empires that have been a blessing to the Jewish people have prospered, while those that have persecuted God's chosen race have not done so well. America has generally been good to the Jews and has furthermore been a strong ally of the nation of Israel. So America has enjoyed God's blessing of prosperity, despite the great travesties and moral corruption of which she is guilty. The first clause of the promise applies to America: "I will bless those who bless thee." But should America turn her back on the chosen race, the second clause will take effect: "I will curse those who curse thee."

The prophecy is this: Barak Obama will lose the 2012 election. The Republicans will regain the White House, and quite possibly regain several seats in Congress as well. Conservatives in general and Pro-Lifers in particular will be dancing in the streets and will proclaim with characteristic optimism that the tide has turned, and that America is headed for true reform.

But there are 75 days between Election Day and Inauguration Day. With nothing to lose politically, Obama will use those 75 days to deliberately pick a fight with Israel over some pretended grievance. He will then break diplomatic ties with Israel, and in so doing will finally call down God's righteous curse.

Remember as well - - Inauguration Day 2013 falls within a couple days of the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. 40 years is the Scriptural limit of God's patience (e.g. Ps.95:10).

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fortnight for Freedom Protest

I guess the good news is that 'Catholics' for Equality, which bills itself as "the country's largest national political organization of pro-LGBT equality Catholics", could only muster a handful of protesters. Click on the photo to see their site. Can you find more than a dozen or so individuals protesting?

It remains to be seen whether or not this event means that our bishops are finally getting a set. One can always hope.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hickies, a novella

As long as I'm writing reviews on unrecommended reading here's a newly released title by a little-known author (but whose name you may recognize).

Hickies is a novella-length story set in the near future. It doesn't try to be futuristic in a sci-fi manner, but rather uses a futuristic theme - the dispersion of human clones within our society - as the context for grappling with some questions of a psychological, sociological, and moral nature. The questions themselves are not futuristic nor theoretical, but impinge strongly upon the human condition, and upon the current state of our world, and so are well worth the grappling. Whether Hickies does an adequate job of such grappling is yet another question worth asking. I personally think it does so in a clumsy and amateurish way, but in this case I may be incapable of honest and objective judgment.

In the same volume are four additional short stories. They are all works of fiction, and all by the same amateur author, but otherwise are not connected in ant logical or literary manner.

My best advice is to give the book a try. What the heck, it's only 13 bucks, and you might find it worth reading. Of course, all comments, both favorable and otherwise, are welcome through the comment link below.

If you are inclined to risk a little money on such an unknown work, may I suggest that you do so through its CreateSpace page. A royalty of $7.50 will be paid to a well-known (but anonymous, in this case) pro-life organization for each book ordered directly through this CreateSpace page. It is, or will soon be, also available through and other venues, but with a much smaller royalty payment to the pro-life organization.

Note: As of Sept. 5, 2012, I now offer a price cut for direct CreateSpace purchases coming from this blog article. Go to the CreateSpace page, and enter discount code XD6K2ZBP for a $3.00 discount off each copy of Hickies that you order there. (This will result in a proportionately reduced royalty paid to the pro-life organization.)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rediscover Catholicism?

Rediscover Catholicism It is very rare to find a relatively young person who has acquired the wisdom of old age. Matthew Kelly is no exception. He is undoubtably a gifted and charismatic writer and speaker, travelling the world since his teen years, spreading his vision of a dynamic Catholic faith.

Judging from Rediscover Catholicism, however, what he has been promoting is more like a Norman Vincent Peale approach, a self-help program designed to inspire people to become the best-versions-of-themselves. This is a fine and noble pursuit (with or without the hyphens), but it is not what Kelly claims it to be. It is not what the Catholic Faith is essentially about.

You will be hard pressed to find any mention of the cross in the pages of Rediscover Catholicism. Pretty much everything else is covered - the Sacraments, the Rosary, fasting & prayer, Scripture, the Saints, etc, - but rather than seeing these as flowing from Calvary, Kelly presents all things Catholic, including the Mass itself, as opportunities to become a better-version-of-yourself. No kidding. And all along we thought the cross was the crux of the matter. How silly of us.

It must be admitted that Kelly's advice to bring a notebook to Mass in which to record insights about becoming a better-version is a quantitative improvement over, say, listening with earphones to your favorite music while thinking about last night's date. But is it qualitatively better? Were you privileged to see Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ? Can you imagine yourself witnessing that awful and awesome Calvary event (and that is what every Mass is) and devoting that time to making an entry in a better-version-of-yourself journal?

I will not add Rediscover Catholicism to my list of Recommended reading.

Monday, January 30, 2012

100th Pro-lifer

The Hundredth Monkey principle could be applied to almost any ideological interest. I have a specific interest in mind, that of recognizing the need for Pro-life tax resistance.

As seen in this article, there is a Catch-22 dilemna here. It wouldn't take a majority of citizens to mount an effective tax resistance, nor even a majority of Pro-lifers. A few thousand would probably do the trick. The Catch-22 is that those kind of numbers might be there, but nobody wants to be first, so the numbers never get off the ground. As of this writing, there are 12 signatories, a dozen folks who are willing to say "If our taxes are killing innocent babies, then I ain't paying the taxes." At what point does this become a large enough number to attract attention? What is the threshold level that would make this very small movement a groundswell of significance? If a couple thousand were to say, "No abortion taxes - - and we mean No!", I think that would cause a great stir.

More significantly, at what point will you, the reader, decide to add your name to the list? Would you consider joining us if there were, say, 99 people already signed up? How about if only 49 signatures were in place? How about 20? 12?

There are those 12, at least. (My hope, of course, is that, by the time you are reading this, the number will be beyond 12.) At some point, one added name may put us over the "100th Monkey" threshold, and the Pro-life tax strike will become a well recognized phenomenon.

Please consider becoming the 13th (or 14th or 20th or 57th) to sign up.