Monday, January 30, 2012

100th Pro-lifer

The Hundredth Monkey principle could be applied to almost any ideological interest. I have a specific interest in mind, that of recognizing the need for Pro-life tax resistance.

As seen in this article, there is a Catch-22 dilemna here. It wouldn't take a majority of citizens to mount an effective tax resistance, nor even a majority of Pro-lifers. A few thousand would probably do the trick. The Catch-22 is that those kind of numbers might be there, but nobody wants to be first, so the numbers never get off the ground. As of this writing, there are 12 signatories, a dozen folks who are willing to say "If our taxes are killing innocent babies, then I ain't paying the taxes." At what point does this become a large enough number to attract attention? What is the threshold level that would make this very small movement a groundswell of significance? If a couple thousand were to say, "No abortion taxes - - and we mean No!", I think that would cause a great stir.

More significantly, at what point will you, the reader, decide to add your name to the list? Would you consider joining us if there were, say, 99 people already signed up? How about if only 49 signatures were in place? How about 20? 12?

There are those 12, at least. (My hope, of course, is that, by the time you are reading this, the number will be beyond 12.) At some point, one added name may put us over the "100th Monkey" threshold, and the Pro-life tax strike will become a well recognized phenomenon.

Please consider becoming the 13th (or 14th or 20th or 57th) to sign up.