Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Pro-life strike

Lent is a time for repentance, for conversion, for fresh insight and clarity. This can mean a whole new direction, or rediscovering and revitalizing a neglected or faded vision.

22-week-old aborted baby Over 15 years ago, the notion of a pro-life strike began to grow within me. The accepted approach of praying, protesting, writing letters, and employing gentle and patient persuasion is much too mild. Millions of innocent lives are being destroyed, millions of mothers irreparably mutilated, and pro-lifers are being polite about it.

Nor does the Scriptural argument to "render to Caesar..." and to "pay taxes to whom taxes are due" hold much water in this case. Remember that "we must obey God rather than men" (Acts 5:29) is also a Scriptural principle.

If you really need a literal interpretation, consider that Jesus added, "...and [render] to God the things that are God's" (Mt 22:21).  Does not our money still say "In God we trust"? How can we justify surrendering God's money for tax-funded abortions?

And is not our government supposed to be a government of the people? Then who is 'Caesar' in this case, if not we ourselves?

No, the timid approach is not only ineffective, it is unscriptural and ungodly as well.

The American Revolution was fought over unjust taxes. Loyalists argued that fealty to the king was the more righteous course. Do you agree? There is much more at stake this time. We know well that unless America repents, she must earn God's judgment. And judgment begins with the household of God (I Peter 4:19).

Let's strike, even if we strike out! So, this blog post is one last appeal to anyone out there, whether you are a pro-life leader or one of the rank and file. Let us take a big risk, let us put our lives and our livelihoods on the line for this cause that we profess. Let us engage the unrighteous juggernaut in language that it can understand - in economic terms. Specifically, in terms of tax dollars. Let us go on strike. At the very least, let us organize a tax resistance movement. Let us, perhaps, pull out of the mainstream altogether, maybe forge our own underground economy. The two-edged point is to push hard for legal protection for the innocent pre-born, and to withhold all material cooperation with the holocaust. Let us finally win this war, or ruin ourselves in the trying.

Please read my similar blog post of over a year ago entitled "Strike Three!". There appears to be at least one like-minded individual, in Canada (see this article), but we seem to be few in number, or very well hidden. This should not be so. So, if this idea finds a place in your conscience, let me hear from you. If you know of others who may be interested, or who are already pursuing such a course, point them out to me, or me to them. Being on strike alone is also quite ineffective, and Jerry grows old and weary.

(Note added 3/31/8):

It has been suggested that some folks might be reticent about publicly debating this issue. Maybe an underground movement is already afoot, or something. I do believe some kind of coordination is needed. At any rate, if you prefer to leave a private comment to be read only by Jerry, click here or on the 'Private note' link on the left side bar.

I may add more posts providing details on principles and specific strategies, as I see them. I welcome any comments or suggestions.

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